General information

The Centre for Academic Mobility (Mobility Unit) is part of the Centre for Higher Education Development, which in turn is one of the sub-units of Archimedes Foundation. The Centre for Academic Mobility coordinates national education initiatives and support measures, implementing the following programmes in the framework of the EU Structural Funds:

  • The DoRa Doctoral Studies and Internationalisation Programme;
  • The Primus Programme for development of the quality of tertiary studies;
  • The Eduko Development Programme for Education Sciences and Teacher Training.

The Centre for Higher Education Development consists of four sub-units: The Mobility Unit, the Primus Programme Unit, the Eduko Programme Unit and the Communication Unit, which coordinate the described programmes.

The Mobility Unit coordinates national scholarship and grant programmes and the DoRa programme, in the framework of which exchange of student, teachers and scholars is supported, Estonian higher education is promoted abroad and a number of other activities are carried out for supporting internationalisation of higher education.

Our primary target group is master’s degree and doctoral students. We award various grants and scholarships, each with a different orientation. More information on them can be found on this website.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us over the telephone, 6979 232 or via e-mail,!