Frequently asked questions

  • What should a letter of confirmation from a foreign university be like?

, A copy of the official letter of confirmation sent by e-mail and also in exceptional cases, for example, an e-mail exchange, which proves that relations with the foreign university have been established are suitable for application. On the determining of the scholarship the original letter of confirmation issued by the foreign university must be submitted in each case to certify that the applicant has been admitted to the doctoral study of the foreign university.

  • What should  a letter of confirmation from an Estonian institution of higher education on recruitment be like?

It is a formal letter of confirmation issued by the institution of higher education, which is essentially a declaration that the university has a need for a specialist with a relevant doctoral degree. The document does not have to contain a statement that the university will certainly provide employment to the person as they can normally not give such a commitment.

  • Is it possible to apply even if graduation from the master’s studies occurs in the spring and have not yet been completed at the moment of applying for the Doctoral studies?

In the case described it is possible to apply for the scholarship, provided that the studies in the doctoral program will begin in the autumn of the same year.

  • Can I apply even if I am already carrying out my doctoral studies at a foreign university, e.g., in the first/second year (i.e., the scholarship is applied for a continuation of the doctoral studies)? 

The scholarship can be applied for a continuation of the doctoral studies.