Application documents

The applicant must submit the following documents within the deadline:

  1. Application Form (including letter of motivation), which you will find  in the application system
  2. The applicant’s academic CV;
  3. An overview of the master’s thesis or of the latest research project;
  4. The schedule of performance of the doctoral studies and research;
  5. A letter of recommendation from the former academic supervisor in the form of a signed original document (the document issued on paper must be submitted on paper, a digitally signed file must be uploaded into the application system);
  6. The consent of the Estonian co-supervisor (exceptionally and in justified cases it is possible to apply for a scholarship without the Estonian co-supervisor);
  7. (a) Confirmation of admission to /studies at a foreign university, or (b) A consent of an ordinary teaching staff member of the foreign university to supervise the thesis and a confirmation from the foreign university that all the documents necessary for admission have been submitted (the document may be submitted electronically by uploading a scanned original document into the application system);
  8. Confirmation from the Estonian institution of higher education (with the signature of the head of the structural unit) or institution/entity (with the signature of the CEO) stating that a person with the relevant qualification is needed and providing the description of the added value that the person would give to the employer (a signed original document shall be submitted: a document issued on paper shall be submitted on paper, a digitally signed file shall be uploaded into the application system);
  9. The documents certifying the necessity and the amount of the tuition cost (the document may be filed electronically by uploading an original scanned document into the application system).

The amounts of support indicated in the application may be adjusted if the amount of support calculated in the application is different from the amount calculated on the basis of standardized unit prices.