Requirements for applicants

The scholarship can be applied for by citizens of the European Union Member States, and persons staying in Estonia under a temporary  residence permit, who as of the time of  submitting the application have been admitted to the doctoral program of a foreign university or have a consent of the ordinary teaching staff of a foreign university for supervision of a doctoral thesis, as well as  a confirmation from the foreign university that the applicant  has submitted all the documents necessary for admission. The applicant must be able to speak Estonian on a communication level.

On exceptional cases the Kristjan Jaak scholarships for doctoral studies at a foreign university can also be applied for by persons who want to undergo a residency (medical science, veterinary science) in a recognized institution abroad in a field of studies that is not available in Estonia, but for the specialists of which, Estonia has a great need.
Applicants wishing to undergo residency abroad shall submit their application according to the general procedure, enclosing a confirmation letter of the relevant Estonian university stating  the shortage of specialists in this field.

It is possible to carry out both full-time and part-time studies in the doctoral program of a foreign university.

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