Selection of scholarship recipients

The submitted applications are evaluated by experts approved by the Archimedes Foundation. Each application shall be examined by three experts.

The aspects to be evaluated in the applications are:

  • the level of the defended master’s thesis;
  • the relevance  of the topic of the doctoral thesis;
  • the achievability of the objectives set;
  • the teaching level of the selected foreign university;
  • the scientific potential of the field;
  • reasonability of the costs;
  • the forethought of the motivational and recommendation letters.

Before making a decision, the candidates receiving a positive expert opinion will be interviewed. The Interviewing Committee determines among other things whether carrying out part-time studies is justified. Allocation of grants is decided with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Research.

The duration of the evaluation  procedure is about two months as of the date announced as the deadline for applications.
The exact results will be published on the website of the Foundation.