In the middle of the academic year, no later than February 1, the recipient of the support must submit an interim report to the Archimedes Foundation, which will be the basis for the transfer of the second installment.

The interim report shall include:

  1. A short free-form summary of current activities with the signature of the supervisor of the foreign university;
  2. A written confirmation of the studies at the foreign university issued by the university. The completion of the studies during the autumn semester and registration for the subjects for the spring semester must be confirmed separately.

Within one month after the completion of the studies abroad, the recipient of the support must submit to the Foundation a final report. The final report must be submitted through the electronic application system. After the filling in and submission of the report, it must be printed, signed and, together with the required annexes, sent by mail to the address of the Foundation:

Kristjan Jaak scholarships
Archimedes Foundation
Koidula 13a
10125 Tallinn

The final report shall include:

  • a report (the report form becomes available on the application system after the conclusion of the agreement);
  • the original documents certifying the actual dates of the round trip from Estonia to the foreign country and to the city for conducting the studies abroad and back (the traveler will keep the original boarding passes of the plane ticket, original train, bus or boat tickets).
  • a written confirmation of the studies at the foreign institution of higher education (the original document);
  • an overview of the work performed, complete with the confirmation of the supervisor (the original document).

Use of private cars is only allowed if it  is agreed upon in advance and if the original fuel receipts evidencing the journey have been submitted.

NB! After completion of the studies (after obtaining the degree) the recipient of the scholarship must present to the Foundation a copy of the diploma.
If the report or the original tickets are not submitted on time or if  misuse of the support is revealed, the recipient of the scholarship is required to refund the support.