Frequently asked questions

  • I would like to complete a one-year (12 months) master’s program in the UK, and I am not currently enrolled in an Estonian university. Is the Kristjan Jaak scholarship of formal education suitable for me? 

The scholarship does not support completion of a scholarship program for the duration of one year. It is possible to apply for support for completion of a master’s program with the duration of one year only in the framework of  a student exchange program during the  studies performed in Estonia.

  • If I have not selected the topic of the graduation thesis by the time of application, should I still present an overview of the topic of the master’s or doctoral thesis?

When applying for a scholarship, an overview of the master’s or doctoral thesis must be presented in any case. Without such a document, applying for the scholarship is not possible.

  • I have submitted applications for admission to several institutions of higher education but have not yet received a response. Can I submit the data of several institutions of higher education in my application? 

Support can be applied for the studies in only one specific institution of higher education, which also must be indicated in the application.

  • Must I submit original travel tickets in my reporting? What happens if I lose one ticket?

In your  reporting, you must submit the original travel tickets to the city of the studies indicated in the agreement and back to Estonia. If you have lost a ticket, you must present a letter of explanation complete with the confirmation of the travel company regarding participation in the trip.

  • What documents should I submit in my reporting, if my work schedule has changed compared to what was provided in the application?

In such a situation, you should include an explanation regarding the reasons for the changes together with an approval of the supervisor of the foreign institution of higher education in your activity report.