Conclusion of the agreement

Before the conclusion of the agreement, the recipient of the support must submit to the Foundation a signed official (on the university form) original document certifying admission to the foreign university (except in cases where such a document has already been submitted along with the application).

In general, one month prior to the start of the study, the Foundation concludes an agreement with the recipients of the support stipulating the amount of the support and the procedure for the use thereof.

The support is paid in two equal installments:
The first installment, which comprises 50% of the total support, shall be transferred no later than two weeks before the start of the studies abroad, but not before the support agreement is signed;
The second installment shall be transferred no later than in February, but not before a proper interim support is submitted.

The advance payment of the support shall not be made to persons who have previous outstanding contractual obligations to the Archimedes Foundation.

The scholarship recipient is obligated to refer to the Ministry of Education and Research and the Foundation in the relevant documents and speeches as the sponsors of their studies. Learn more here about the public information requirements.