Requirements for applicants

The support may be applied for by Estonian citizens and residents with a permanent living permit of Estonia who at the time of using the support are:

  • second-year master’s program students;
  • doctoral students;
  • students enrolled in integrated  curricula who by the time of the foreign visit have completed subjects in the curriculum in the capacity of  at least 240 ECTS credits;
  • master’s students and doctoral students enrolled to joint curricula of an Estonian and a foreign institution of higher education, on the condition that they will graduate with a diploma from the Estonian institution of higher education.

The candidates must be proficient in the Estonian language, which will be checked, if necessary.

You are not eligible for the support if:

  • you are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program at an Estonian university and wish to discontinue your studies in Estonia with the aim to carry out your studies only in the foreign university;
  • you are studying at a foreign university and wish to apply for the support for a  student exchange program in another foreign university;
  • you are applying for the support for a master’s curriculum with the standard duration of one year, unless completion of the yearlong master’s program is part of the master’s studies carried out in an Estonian university;
  • you are applying for the support in order to study at a lower academic level (such as a doctoral student wanting to perform  master’s studies);
  • you are applying for the support for studying at the same academic level for the second time (for example, for a second master’s study), except in exceptional cases.