Application documents

The application form and annexes thereto must be in Estonian. The exceptions are recommendation letters from foreign supervisors and letters of confirmation from foreign universities. The applicant must submit the following documents before the deadline:

1. The application form containing the following content items in addition to the general information:

a) a letter of motivation (1 page);
b) an overview of the research topic (e.g., if the student applied for the support  for performing master’s studies, an overview of the research topic of the master’s thesis), and of the current progress of the work (1-3 pages);
c) a precise work schedule and a clearly stated objective for the period of the study abroad  (1-3 pages);
d) a summary of previous research (a summary of the bachelor’s thesis for those applying for the support for the master’s study, a summary of the master’s thesis for those applying for the support for  the doctoral study) (1-3 pages);

2. A letter of recommendation from the supervisor;

3. a) Confirmation of admission of the student issued by the foreign institution of higher education, or b) A letter of confirmation regarding the submission of the required documents (it is not necessary to submit both confirmations (a) and (b) together, just one is sufficient);

4. Confirmation of the requirement to pay tuition fees (a letter from the foreign university or an extract from the foreign university website);

5. An assessment of the appropriateness of the tuition fee from an Estonian expert in the relevant field regarding (must be submitted by applicants requesting coverage of the tuition fee that exceeds 15,000 euros per academic year. The expert may be, for example, a professor of an Estonian university).