Selection of scholarship recipients

In evaluating the applications, the Archimedes Foundation uses the help of specialist experts. The applications are distributed between experts according to academic sectors, and each application is evaluated by at least two experts. The experts evaluate the applications on the basis of six different aspects:

  • the level of previous research;
  • the reasons for the selection of the research topic;
  • forethought of the work plan;
  • the selected foreign university;
  • letters of recommendation and motivation;
  • the cost of the studies.

The most important aspects on  the assessment of the applicants for support are the topic of the master’s or doctoral thesis and the reasons for the selection.

Allocation of the support is determined by the Kristjan Jaak Scholarship Council on the basis of the evaluations provided by the experts. The Scholarship Council has the right to make a selection from among the applicants who received a similar expert assessment; if necessary additional interviews with the applicants are conducted.

No preference is given to the master’s or doctoral students who are competing in the same category.

The duration of the evaluation procedure is two months from the date announced as the deadline for applications.

The Council’s decision is final and is not subject to revision.