Dora Plus Action 1

Dora Plus Action 1

Participation of young researchers and Master’s degree students in the international exchange of knowledge

The goal of this action is to create conditions for current and future lecturers and researchers from higher education institutions in Estonia for international exchange of knowledge and experience, and new research-related contacts. To achieve this goal, support will be granted to short-term activities abroad related to the teaching and research work of Master’s students and young researchers in Estonia. Master’s students, doctoral students, resident physicians, young lecturers and researchers from higher education institutions in Estonia can use the grant to participate in a professional conference, seminar or course, or carry out other educational and research-related activities, for example, working in libraries, using laboratories, developing study materials, working with a supervisor, participating in field work, consultations or other similar tasks. Activities abroad must be closely related to the grantee’s current teaching and research work. Study mobility may last for up to 30 calendar days (inclusive). The grant cannot be applied for by students studying in Estonia for a short period of time (e.g. visiting doctoral students or Erasmus+ exchange students) because they are not matriculated to an Estonian university.

Areas of support:

  1. Study and research-related short-term mobility of young Estonian researchers and Master’s students to foreign countries. Young researchers and Master’s students from higher education institutions in Estonia have the opportunity to participate in a professional conference, seminar, course or other professional activity by means of the support. Short-term study mobility can last for up to 30 calendar days (inclusive). More information: short-term mobility manual
  2. The study mobility of doctoral students from Estonian universities to a foreign university or research institution lasts from 1-10 months. More information: doctoral students mobility manual

Grant amount

In the case of mobility that lasts for up to 30 calendar days (inclusive), the expenses are compensated as a sum of the following unit prices: study mobility transport allowance; study mobility accommodation allowance; and daily allowance. Participation fees will be covered based on cost. In the case of the study mobility of doctoral students lasting from 1-10 months, the cost will be covered as a sum of the study mobility transport allowance and doctoral study mobility accommodation allowance. The costs of study mobility shall be covered by the implementer according to Appendix 2 of directive No. 1. 1-2 / 15/471 of the minister of Education and Research of 09.12.2015 based on unit price.

The grant can be applied for by a person who, at the time of occurrence of the study mobility, is:

  • a Master’s degree or doctoral student;
  • a person studying on the basis of an integrated curriculum who has earned at least 180 ECTS;
  • a resident physician; or
  • a lecturer or researcher who is no older than 35 or who did not defend their PhD thesis more than five years previously. The age limit does not apply to students. Those who have been on parental leave have the chance to extend the limits proportionally.



The initial selection of scholarship recipients is made by the higher education institution within the limits of the quota allocated to them. Higher education institutions have the right to set their own priorities and additional conditions in the choice of scholarship recipients on the basis of their priorities. The requirements must be publicly available.

The Archimedes Foundation will contact the selected recipients.

For more information on submitting the application, please ask your higher education institution’s  Dora Plus coordinator

Additional information:

Marge Teder

Specialist, Higher Education Office

Tel  730 0121