Dora Plus Action 2

Dora Plus Action 2

Inclusion of foreign Master’s students and doctoral students

The goals of this action are to support foreign Master’s and doctoral students studying in Estonia, thereby contributing to the exchange of knowledge, to make the local study process more internationalised and to increase the amount of highly educated workers in Estonia in the long run.

Support is offered to talented foreign Master’s and doctoral students in Estonian universities. Support is offered to foreign doctoral students in full-time studies until the end of the nominal time of their studies and to guest doctoral students for short-term teaching and research work in Estonia (1-10 months). Foreign Master’s students can only obtain a grant when studying in Estonia full-time and for one academic year at a time.

Participating higher education institutions

Higher education institutions select the scholarship recipients. In order to apply for a grant, you must first contact the university contact person.

Participating higher education institutions:

Estonian Academy Of Arts

Estonian University Of Life Sciences

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

EBS Education OÜ (Estonian Business School)

Tallinn University Of Technology

Tallinn University

University Of Tartu

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences


Grant amount

The scholarship for foreign Master’s students is 350 euros per month. The scholarship shall be awarded for one academic year, i.e. 10 calendar months at a time.

The scholarship paid to foreign doctoral students consists of a doctoral grant and a student mobility annual travel allowance. The amount of the doctoral grant is 422 euros per month . The grant can be received within the nominal period if the foreign doctoral student meets the grant criteria during that period.

The amount of the transport allowance depends on the distance of the country of residence from Estonia.

Guest doctoral students shall be paid a visiting doctoral student accommodation allowance and student mobility travel allowance. The amount of the accommodation allowance is 422 euros per month. The amount of the transport allowance depends on the distance of residence from Estonia. Guest doctoral student can stay in Estonia for a period of 1-10 months.

All unit prices are fixed in Annex 2 to the grant conditionsGrants are paid by the higher education institution.

Additional information:

Anne-Ly Võlli

Specialist, Higher Education Office

+372 7 300 809