Dora Plus Action 3

Dora Plus Action 3

Organisation of summer and winter schools

The goals of this action are to support the internationalisation of higher education institutions, to increase the ability of higher education institutions to involve foreign students in intensive teaching for short periods and to market Estonia as a good place to study and work.

Specialised, short-term and intensive courses are arranged primarily for foreign students if they last for 12-42 calendar days and take place at partner higher education institutions. Estonian students can also be involved in summer and winter schools.

Preferred summer or winter schools:

  • those within the framework of which more than one curriculum group is included, in order to bring together as many students as possible and thereby boost their international experience;
  • those where academics from abroad are involved;
  • those organised in cooperation with other (foreign) universities;
  • those where the study programme supports the growth of development areas in the economy.

Each year, support is given to 3-4 summer or winter schools. It is possible to cover the costs of summer and winter school preparation, promotion and organisation, including the services offered to the participants (such as accommodation and food costs) or direct personnel costs related to carrying out studies. Costs related to this action are compensated on the basis of expense receipts and partners are obliged to ensure that the rate of self-financing for the action is 28,92%.

Please note: Application rounds will be opened in September 2016.

Additional information:

Anne-Ly Võlli

Specialist, Higher Education Office

+372 7 300 809