Application documents

Applicants must submit to the Council the following documents (either in Estonian, English or Russian):

  • the application;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a copy of the document certifying the applicant’s completion of a secondary education, or where this is not available, a transcript of scholarly record for the final year of secondary school and a copy of the report for the preceding year. Candidates wishing to enrol for Master’s studies must submit a copy of the document certifying completion of a higher education (diploma) and transcripts of records, or where this is not available, a transcripts of records of Bachelor’s Studies;
  • a copy of the passport page stating the applicant’s personal particulars;
  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or other document, that confirms Estonian ethnicity;
  • 1 photo (4×5 cm);
  • 1 letter of reference (where possible, these should be from the local association of Estonians, members of the local Estonian community, the applicant’s teacher of Estonian or of some other subject).

Applications must be submitted in two ways: through the Foundation webpage and by post. DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN BOTH WAYS.

The application form with all required documents must be filled in, printed out and scanned. Documents must be submitted in one (1) pdf or jpeg file. All documents must be submitted through the following webpage: Deadline: 5 May.

All original documents and confirmed copies must be sent by post directly to the Foundation (address: Archimedes Foundation, Compatriots Programme, Koidula 13a, 10125 Tallinn, Estonia).
Documents must arrive no later than the 12 May.

The Council has the right to disqualify applicants whose documents do not meet the requirements, include false information or arrive after the established deadline. Application documents will not be returned to applicants.