Dora Plus

Dora Plus is an Estonian government programme that is initiated with the aim to improve the Estonia’s visibility and attractiveness as a destination for studying and research. The programme will be implemented from 2015 to 2023 with the support of EU Regional Development Fund.

The specific objectives of the programme are the following:
– to improve the awareness of young researchers and Master’s students of diverse teaching and research practices, and encourage their involvement in international cooperation projects;
– to increase the number of international Master’s and PhD students in Estonian universities;
– to improve the completion rates of doctoral studies;
– to expand the proficiency of Estonian higher education institutions to enroll international students;
– to raise the demand for international graduates among the employers and thus support the economic growth; and
– to strengthen the compliance of doctoral studies in Estonian universities with the principles of innovative doctoral studies.

For further information please visit: Dora Plus Programme.